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  • Roof Inspection

  •  Foundation Inspection (including Ziplevel Readings)

  •  Plumbing Inspection (Bathrooms, Kitchen, Water Pressure, Temperature, Water Heater, and Spigots)

  •  Electrical Inspection (including Panel and Receptacles)

  •  Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (Each Room Temperature Checked and Recorded, Air Balance Checks)

  •  Hail Report

  •  Licensed Professional Home Inspector

  •  Sprinkler and Irrigation Inspection

  •  Foundation Readings

  •  Video Electrical Receptacle

  •  Video Appliances

  •  Video Bathroom(s)

  •  Photo Roof

  •  Exceeding TREC Standards

  •  Infrared Thermal Imaging Scans

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